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Today I stand to command my day and declare what is established unto me.

This is a new day and I have a fresh excitement, a fresh commitment, and a fresh anointing.

By this anointing, every yoke, addiction, and bad habit is broken off my life and destroyed.

The anointing that is on my life repels every individual with a diabolical assignment.

Every satanic trap, scheme, weapon, and incantation against me and my household is canceled.

I command divine gateS of access for new opportunities and prosperity to be open.

I command the gateS of poverty, lack, dispossession, sickness, and death to be closed.

I declare that my eyes are open to witty inventions.

I declare that my ears are open to the symphonic movement of the Spirit with cleaR transmission.

I declare that my mouth is my Spiritual weapon when it is filled with the word of God.

I have the authority to create, construct, and command a thing to exist.

I declare that I have the mind of Christ: I am not double minded, nor confused.

In closing, I ask you God to place the following anointing upon me:

Solomon’s anointing for wisdom and wealth.

EstHer’s anointing for divine favor and kingdom strategies.

Daniel’s anointing for order, excellence, and integrity.

David’s anointing for worship and praise.

Elisha’s anointing for servant-hood and for jurisdictional power and authority.

Christ’s anointing for signs, wonders, and miracles.

I declare that God has given me the supernatural discipline to implement this declaration today.

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